Meet the AEC International Relations Coordinators (IRC) Working Group



  • Organising events addressing specific target groups within art HEIs
  • Strengthening collaboration with non-European partners and networks


Through a diverse range of activities, the International Relation Coordinators (IRC) Working Group (WG) aims to function as intellectual, emotional, and social capital, playing a significant role in forging relationships within the multifaceted ecosystem of HMEIs. To accomplish this, we maintain regular engagement with other Working Groups of the AEC and are directly or indirectly involved in various meeting platforms, including the AEC Annual Congress, to support the endeavours of the AEC and its member institutions.

A pivotal point for the WG is the annual IRC meetings held every September. These meetings are crucial events that keep IRCs updated with the latest sector developments, facilitate learning and sharing of best practices, and enhance interactions with international partners in both formal and informal settings.

Within the framework of their annual meetings, the IRC WG offers to the IRC community of the AEC the possibility to attend workshops and sessions aimed at their continuing professional development as international coordinators, helping colleagues discover innovative approaches related to the day-to-day management of mobility actions as well as how to better support international students, international project writing and management, implementation of the international strategy, internationalisation of the curricula, digitalisation of mobility procedures, how to get involved with partners outside Europe, how to implement internationalisation at home and how to deal with topics such as diversity and inclusion and power relations.

On a yearly basis, the IRC WG launches surveys within the IRC community of the AEC to understand trends to better prepare for the annual gatherings. In 2023 the IRC survey was about issues and best practices in student and teacher mobility, BIPs and internships; in 2024, the survey focused on challenges and opportunities of Erasmus BIPs.


AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators 2022 “Shaking Hands Again” – Enhancing resilience through internationalisation
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AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators 2023: “Opening Doors: Adopting a More Inclusive Perspective"
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