WP3. Training and providing advice to professionals

Objectives Work Package 3

⇒ Strengthening Lifelong Learning (LLL) opportunities for artists and for HMEI teachers and reinforcing AEC’s role in delivering such opportunities

Work Package 3 (WP3) addresses the need to further develop lifelong learning provision for professionals.

  1. Monitoring the mapping of Lifelong Learning (LLL) opportunities for artists

The LLL WG will prepare the part of this mapping exercise which will be dedicated to the LLL offer in each country, (whether provided by HMEIs or by other bodies, including stakeholders from the cultural and creative industry, joint offers, etc.). The WG will frame the research to be undertaken, identify the type of information to be collected and contribute to designing the questionnaire. The LLL WG will then analyse the results and identify gaps in LLL provisions.

  1. Encouraging AEC members to improve and/or develop LLL opportunities for artists

The LLL WG will collect examples of good practices in different countries regarding LLL offers in order to provide inspiration to HMEIs. It will highlight existing cooperation with cultural and creative industries, where relevant, LLL offers in line with latest pedagogic R&D findings, as well as explore the option to make the LLL offers recognisable as micro credentials.

  1. Enhancing the teachers’ competencies as facilitators

The LLL WG will conceive and organise the delivery of Innovative Conservatoires (ICON) courses for instrumental and vocal teachers in HME. These courses will provide teachers at any stage of their career and expertise with stimulating learning experiences to increase their knowledge and skills in educating conservatoire students. Core subjects covered in the programme will include the participants’ views about teaching future musicians, how to provide feedback, the teacher-student relationship, assessment and feedback, the professional perspectives for students and research in the arts.

In addition, the LLL WG will:

  • Support, promote and further develop LLL offers provided by partners (e.g. IMZ Flying Academy)
  • Ensure that the LLL development is based on the newest R&D findings
  • Promote sharing of experiences and peer-learning
  • Enhance artists’, teachers’ and students’ competencies to adequately deal with green recovery, digital recovery and resilient recovery issues

The LLL WG will build on the data collected within WP5, cooperate with the Capacity Building WG (WP7) and contribute to the MusicAIRE think tank, bringing together key players of the music sector to investigate joint strategies and actions to tackle the impact of COVID-19 on the sector’s ecosystem.

  1. Exploring the feasibility of turning AEC into a LLL provider

The AEC Office will compile a catalogue of all courses offered so far by AEC WGs and produce a business plan exploring how AEC could become a LLL provider for HMEIs staff. The plan will be delivered to AEC Council and serve as a basis for a strategic decision regarding the provision of such a LLL service by AEC in future.

Report on the LLL WG survey on LLL opportunities offered by HMEIs
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