WP6. Communication and dissemination


Applications to become a member of the AEC Communication Task Force are now closed. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the AEC-ARTEMIS Working Group and Task Force members!


⇒ Ensuring the visibility of the project activities and a wide dissemination of its outcomes

To reach this objective, the following tasks are foreseen in Work Package 6 (WP6):

  1. Planning and executing communication and dissemination actions, and producing dissemination material

A Communication Task Force will be established to:

  • Further identify the target groups for each of the project activities and deliverables, and the tools and channels to reach these target groups
  • Develop a Communication and Dissemination Strategy that includes: media material (videos), social media campaigns, dissemination events, newsletters, and specific actions/tools for each deliverable of all the WPs
  • Implement the Communication and Dissemination Strategy by producing and distributing the dissemination material, to ensure that the project is well communicated and the deliverables of all WPs are properly and widely disseminated
  1. Measuring the impact:

The Communication Task Force will:

  • Set dissemination goals and reliable indicators to measure the impact and report on the results
  • Collect testimonies on how the project triggered change in the HME sector and beyond

The Communication Task Force will be composed of: AEC Communications Coordinator, two AEC Members representatives and AEC Partner Network representatives. The AEC Members representatives and the Partner Network representatives will act as an advisory and exchange group to the AEC Communications Coordinator, who will be in charge of producing the deliverables.