Meet the AEC Lifelong Learning (LLL) Working Group



  • Monitoring the mapping of Lifelong Learning (LLL) opportunities for artists
  • Encouraging AEC members to improve and/or develop LLL opportunities for artists
  • Enhancing the teachers’ competencies as facilitators
  • Exploring the feasibility of turning AEC into a LLL provider


Since the inception of the ARTEMIS project, the Lifelong Learning Working Group (WG) has been immersed in exploring the concept of Lifelong Learning itself, a concept integral to the dynamic landscape of the music profession. Recognising the breadth of this concept, which spans diverse learning formats and caters to individuals of varied backgrounds, the working group has endeavoured to provide a tangible and accessible interpretation.

The WG’s commitment to Lifelong Learning goes beyond theoretical understanding; the members actively seek to map the plethora of opportunities available within our member institutions. Through a comprehensive survey, they’ve identified that the most represented areas are pedagogy, performance, research, and management, showcasing the rich tapestry of learning avenues available.

This survey not only enriches our understanding but also serves as the foundation for fostering collaboration. The WG has extended an invitation to engage in conversations around these most represented areas -and those that are not as represented-, creating a collaborative discourse crucial for cultivating a holistic understanding of how diverse learning experiences in pedagogy, performance, research, and management can be woven into a musician’s lifelong journey.

The working group’s collective intention is to create a collaborative environment that transcends institutional boundaries. By providing a platform for dialogue, they seek to enhance the collective wisdom of the AEC community, contributing to the continuous evolution of Lifelong Learning within the music profession. Through these efforts, the WG not only defines and understands the concept but actively works towards its practical application in ways that benefit individuals from all walks of life.


ARTEMIS Lifelong Learning Report
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